DO12 - SFTP context menu missing options

I am frequent user of UltraEedit and using right mouse button to open it from Dopus
But in Dopus SFTP connection I can not use it
Is it something I can do?
if not I think it should be put in
Yes I know I can do it in UltraEdit ,but I do all other file handling(graphs and so on) in Dopus

Sven Åke

A lot of context menu handlers would not work properly on FTP/SFTP sites, so right-clicking files on them only shows a small number of things.

You can make it so double-clicking that type of file opens it in UltraEdit, or you can also set up toolbar buttons, menu items and hotkeys to do it.

Opus can either pass the SFTP path to UltraEdit (if it can understand it and work out the login/password details somehow), or can download the file to temp and pass that to UltraEdit (and, optionally, monitor for changes and re-upload the result, according to Preferences / File Operations / Options).

it's not so good for perl files

you can do it in some SFTP program
for example Filzilla you have a setup menu that associate a filetype and a program that using show/edit from context menu

pl "C:\Program Files\IDM Computer Solutions\UltraEdit\uedit64.exe"

Sven Åke

You can do the same in Opus, just not via the right-click menus. The right-click menus can only be edited for things in normal folders.