DO12 - Slideshow Play Sounds crash for MP3 files

I currently use Opus 12.0.11.

Whenever I select any MP3 audio file such as some music, and use DO's default toolbar button Slideshow > Play Sounds, a crash occurs immediately.

Also, some other audio formats such as OGG or M4A will show this and won't play (no crash).

But WMA behaves slightly different, it will play but also will show questionmarks.

The internal sound player is only really intended to play Wav files, but happens to play some other things as well due to the APIs it uses.

Any playback happens via external codec DLLs that are either part of Windows or installed by 3rd party software. The MP3 crash you're seeing may be due to a 3rd party codec. If you zip up the crash dump and email it to I can take a look and see if it's our code or external.


The crash dump indicates C:\Windows\system32\vorbis.acm as the cause. Based on looking at a similar dump before, I think it is part of Image-Line's FLstudio and also causes 64-bit Remote Desktop to crash: ... 0&t=128124 ... rum=winRDc

The DLL is dated 2012 so it may just need updating.

(It's possible it is incorrectly saying it can handle MP3 data and then crashing when sent some to play.)