DO12 - Toolbar Filter Field

are the Toolbar Filter Fields intentionally removed in DO12?
All my Filter Fields in my Toolbars are converted to buttons with "Set FILTER" after the installation of the DO12 Beta.

I hope that this is a bug, I would really would miss them.

Yes, the legacy filter fields are gone in 12, sorry.

The filter bar is intended to replace them.

too bad, as it seems that useful functionality is removed that I use quiet often.
The Filter fields had the ability to hide or show according to the entered clause
and with two fields one for files and one for folders it was a very convenient function.
e.g. while sorting stuff.
Sorting Dokuments from 2015 to pre existing subfolders with date in the name => filter folders to "2015" and files to "pdf" and only the relevant stuff was visible

That is not possible with the filter bar, or am I missing something?

I think the legacy filters were useful too. Any chance of these returning?

Ok we will put these back into the next beta. We seriously didn't think anyone would still be using them!

Thank you!

As it seems, I'm pretty old fashioned. I use them every day, and practically never the filter bar.

I also liked and used them from time to time, having these filter fields back would be appreciated! o)

They're now back, in 12.0.2

Thanks for the quick turnaround :slight_smile: