Docked toolbar questions

I'm just getting started with docked toolbars and I have a few questions.

  1. I don't see how to dock one toolbar under another, and when I dock two toolbars to the same side of the screen, one blocks the other. (I know it's possible because I see Joe doing this in the screenshot below.)

  2. If I dock two toolbars to the same side of the screen and set each to auto-hide, only one of the toolbars auto-hides and the other does not.

Ideally, I would like to have multiple toolbars docked on the same side of the screen—stacked on top of each other—and be able to drag the separator between them to resize them. This is how most programs with docked windows work.

Suggestions? Thanks!

  1. The thing on the right of Joe's screenshot is all the Windows taskbar, not any Opus toolbars.

    You can dock multiple Opus toolbars to the same side of the screen, but they will stack away from the edge of the screen rather than share the edge. (If you want everything directly next to the edge, you'll need to move the buttons so they're all in the same toolbar. Spacers and separators can be used to spread things out if needed.)

  2. Auto-hide won't work with two toolbars stacked on the same edge, sorry.

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Ok, I'll just put everything I need in one toolbar and use spacers, labels, and tags to separate them - that works for me.

As a suggestion, even if docked toolbars can't share the screen edge, it would be helpful if we could snap them together, so they appear together, and not on top of each other. As a result, we can still keep separate toolbars, which is handy since we may need to stylize them differently.