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Docsvw64.exe locks .ai (Illustrator) files

The error msg is:

Directory Opus ActiveX Proxy (C:\Program Files\GPSoftware\Directory Opus\Viewers\docsvw64.exe)

Is this fixable? Or is another viewer entangled in the process? It's been causing problems with Illustrator, which unfortunately looked like previous problems belonging to Illustrator, so a bunch of devs in India are getting anxious.



I set "open temporary copies" on, and this seems to take care of the problem in DOpus and in Illustrator.


We'll add .ai to the list of extensions that always trigger the "open temporary copies" option.

(The list was just ".pdf" before now. Same badly-written third-party viewers that ignore the preview handler specifications about not locking files, I guess. :slight_smile: )

Thanks. It's a terrible previewer. Just a tiny image, unscalable. But it's way better than nothing!


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It just happened with some RTF files. Maybe a recent Win10 update changed more of them . . .


PDF/AI viewing wouldn't be affected by a Windows update, unless Microsoft have added a PDF/AI preview handler (the only ones that existed until now were third party).

RTF could be, since the usual preview handler for that is part of Windows. I'd say I'd be surprised if that started locking files in an OS update, but nothing would surprise me about Windows 10 updates breaking and regressing things at this point.

It might also depend on the size of the file being viewed, perhaps.

You can set the Open Temporary Copies option for the RTF preview handler as well, if needed.

Yes, I set that option.

I don't know where the AI preview handler comes from, but I sure wish it could display more than a small thumbnail of the embedded image.

I've lost two computers in 4 weeks (one of which was 3 weeks old), so I think the pandemic is affecting hardware, too. Might as well include firmware and OS code, I suppose.

I think Adobe Reader can display them, but it's not a format I use myself.

My hope was to display them in DOpus preview pane so I can keep track of 50-60 images in a current project. AI files are a variant of PDF, or vice versa, so Reader, Acrobat, Bridge, and nearly all Adobe apps, can ingest them, etc. I live inside DOpus most of the day, y'know...

Adobe Reader works in the preview pane. There's no PDF or AI support built in to Opus (or File Explorer); everything happens through third party viewer components with those formats.

Yes, I realize that. I didn't mean to suggest DOpus was responsible. Just that the preview is in constant use because I use DOpus so much. For some reason the Reader preview doesn't seem to be able to display AI files. It's surprising to me, since AI files are so closely related to PDF. They're explicitly PDF compatible, and both programs can open AI files.

Can users add extensions that should open temporary copies in viewer? If yes, how can we do this?

There's an option in the ActiveX + Preview + Office + Web plugin for each viewer. (Preferences / Viewer / Plugins)

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Answered my own question:
From lister->Settings->Preferences->Plugins->ActiveX + Preview + Office + Web->Configure
Check the Open Temporary Copies checkbox.

It's strange that the labels on the controls in that dialog are getting clipped. They should be resized automatically:

Are you using an unusual font or visual style or something that might be confusing the layout code? I'd like to make it work properly with that if you can work out what's causing it.