Docsvw64.exe prevents deletion


Here is the error message:
Directory Opus ActiveX Proxy (C:\Program Files\GPSoftware\Directory Opus\Viewers\docsvw64.exe)

I have clicked 「 ActiveX + Preview + Office + Web」> 「Windows TXT 」>「 Open Temporary copy」

Is that because cdr files are not supported?

Thank you.

Is the viewer open? Try closing it.

The process that had the file locked acts as a proxy for third-party plugins, and it’s likely one of those is what really had the file locked.

The option to make the viewer open temporary copies of files may help, but you need to turn it on for the right viewer/type. The Windows Txt viewer is unlikely to be the one opening .cdr files.

I'm sorry I don't understand what this mean "Is the viewer open? Try closing it."

Could you reproduce this case? It would be nice if you can tell me with some screenshots.

Many thanks.

The preview pane. The docsvw64.exe process is used to display things in the viewer pane*. For it to have a file open, the file must have been loaded into the viewer.

In other words, the preview pane must have been open when the file was selected. Try closing it.

(Or a standalone viewer window, but you have to go out of your way to make that happen with that plugin.)