Document and photo properties

For PNG or PSD, Document and Picture properties cannot be used in Windows Explorer, but they can be used in Directory Opus. I've never heard in the Directory Opus manual that photo and document properties use NTFS's ADS or .ion. So, can't these two properties be used if the file extension does not support them natively? And, unlike the Extended Properties, is it possible to use it in file systems other than NTFS?

For reference, WEBP can use the properties of Photo and some Documents in Windows Explorer, but not in Directory Opus.

Opus will use NTFS ADS for some things. .ion files can also be used for descriptions, although ADS is generally nicer.

What's the actual issue you're having? Which specific fields do you need to see and/or edit on which file types that you can't already?

WebP support is very basic at the moment, as the format is so new (and pointless, other than being able to view the things when Google.forces them on us to save a tiny amount of bandwidth :)).