Does anyone know, how to get rid of that pesky "do not disturb" bell in the notification area?

I am very OCD-ish about my minimalistic desktop appearance. But Microsoft found a new quirk to annoy me. Since a while there is that 'focus session' bell symbol at the right side of the clock, and it can't be turned off in the settings. All tips i found so far in the web don't really work. I even had my whole system reset to an older version, one week or so, and first that symbol was gone. But since this afternoon it returned somehow, either through some Windows update, or maybe even that new sync function was responsible, which is restoring stuff over the cloud. Now i hope, that there might be some registry hack to make that stupid thing go away for good.

I think, denying users a way to remove unwanted GUI elements/functions is a very bad design, but i have to stick to Windows. Mainly because of my workflow, an of course because of Opus. :slightly_smiling_face:

Only times I see it appear are if:

  • I've explicitly entered DnD mode. (Probably not that if you don't want it.)

  • Something is running fullscreen on a monitor. (Windows automatically assumes that you're in a game or watching a movie and don't want notifications, which isn't always correct. Not sure if you can change that.)

Maybe it's just a bug in the localized version? I have no full screen application running. Very strange.


Are you talking about the thing at the very right end of the task bar in the following screen shot. If so, see How to disable the Action Center in Windows 10 and Windows 11? — Auslogics Blog

No. Actually, it looks almost like the bell symbol with the exclamation mark here on our page, the blue one, like in the screenshot below. The one you are referring to is known to me. It disappears, once i click on it to have a glance at the notifications. I guess, that it came with the new 22H2 update, along with that strange 'Dev Home' application, or whatever that is, that also cannot be uninstalled. At least i couldn't manage to remove it via Winget uninstall, due to some error, which i suspect is also a localization issue (the full command would be winget uninstall "dev home (preview)"). So, ironically, the do not disturb function itself turns out to be a disturbance. :smiley:


OK, I've never seen that one.