Does Dopus search uses idex server?


I would like to know is dopus search is built upon windows search and it uses Index Server in order to enable it.

Also, I would like to search within zip/rar files content but without having dopus assigned to be the default handler of these files. Is this possible?


As far as I know Opus does not use Index Server.

Searching inside of Zip files is controlled by the Search zip files checkbox in the Search panel/dialog. (This also controls whether other recognised archive formats -- i.e. RAR -- are searched, although it only says "zip" in the checkbox label.) As far as I know you can turn this checkbox on or off whether or not Opus is the default handler for Zip files.

Hi Nudel,

I forgot to say that this checkbox appears greyed out for me, so I cannot use it :frowning:

Well, you have to turn on Activate Opus ZIP file handling (turning this off disables all Opus ZIP file support) in Preferences, but you don't have to make Opus the default handler for Zip files.

It seems that if Zip handling is enabled in Opus then double-clicking Zip files in Opus will always open then in Opus, even if it isn't the default handler and double-clicking a Zip on the Desktop opens them in another program. If you don't want that then you can edit the Zip filetype's dblclk (double-click) event so it explicitly uses the program you want. The event will run go by default but, if you want to open Zips in IZArc, you can change it to

"C:\Program Files\IZArc\IZArc.exe" {file$}

or similar.

OK, I've activated dopus handling on zip files and and also changed dblclk action to open with winrar; it's a little slower than before but at least I can search now within archives.

I'll suggest using Index Server to take advantage of it to dopus.

Thanks for the help.

Hi again,

Today, don't know why, this began to malfunction, or maybe it has been failing until I noticed it right now.

The zip handling is activated in Dopus, so I can do the searches within zip files.

But now I have a case where I know there's a folder inside the zip whose name I'm looking for, and despite it seems it gets inside the zip file (because it lasts a little bit more) it cannot find it.

When I do the search with the search tool built inside winrar it effectively find that folder, so it shoulb be a Dopus malfunction.

After some tests I found that what make this folder invisible to dopus is a "" (backslash) before its name:

Say I'm looking for "magnet" inside the zip.
Now, inside the zip we have "\parent" folder, and inside this one the "magnet" one.

If the naming is "parent\magnet", dopus can find it.
If the naming is "\parent\magnet" dopus cannot see it.

The effect of this "" is not clear, because extraction works identically. I guess the zip was made using commands. Making the zip through graphical interface does not add such "".