Does Find now run asynchronously?

If so, I seem to have missed the news (and can't find it in the docs or the forum).

I stumbled upon this here and it could be the explanation for why FindDupesInSubfolders does not work anymore.

When FDIS is run on just a few folders, they'll get quickly enumerated, the command lines get generated and started and then the script finishes, abandoning almost all Find dialogs which will keep spinning endlessly.

Prefixing Find with @sync seems to kill the Find dialogs without getting results back.

I'm pretty sure FIND has always been asynchronous. I asked about this a few months back when it was clear that its behaviour did not match what the docs said.

What I said there turned out to be incorrect. (With a different explanation for why it didn't work as expected.) Details here:

As far as normal Finds go, it seems to be synchronous, from a very quick test:

Find IN "C:\" NAME=dopus* UAC=no

That will show the About dialog after the search finishes, rather than during the search.

I haven't tried it from a scripting context, but it should usually be the same.

This is a thread from last year on the behaviour of FIND

The abandoned dialogs were caused by using Find RUNINPANEL in the script. Without this parameter, Find is back to its normal behavior (whatever that may be :wink: ).

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