Does Opus 13 Change the Role of Filters in Synchronization?

I do a lot of folder synchronization in Directory Opus, and I attempted it under Opus 13 for the first time this week. In this screenshot, one of the files on the left is a newer version of its counterpart on the right:

When I compare them, however:

I suspect the problem lies in the selected filter, which had been working fine in Opus 12:

Do I need to update my sync approach for Opus 13's new features?

Your filter mixes AND and OR at the same level, which probably won’t result in what you’re intending.

You should use Sub-Clause to group things, similar to using brackets in an equation.

Hmmm. I hadn't thought about changing views and restructuring the filter that way. I'll give it a shot tonight.

I'll also have to see if any of my other filters are failing. This is the only one I've run so far in the Opus 13 era. I'm anxious to try out the saved presets.

Took a little longer to get back to my filters than I'd intended. Using the sub-clauses is a great improvement, but I also had to update my regex. Without using Partial Match, I had to allow for wildcard characters before my path string ( .* ) and specify the end of the string ( $ ) to get these working again:

Something in Opus 13 seems a little more specific when it comes to the regex implementation that 12, which used to let me get away with automatically partial-matching in Location. :man_shrugging: