Does the built in viewer show metadata info for EXE/DLL files?

Can't seem to make it work.

All I ever get is the generic large shell icon.

the plugins page here seems to imply that metadata should be shown, but maybe that's only for column info?

Which metadata are you interested in?

Product/module version, company, etc. for exe/dll files are only shown as file display columns, not in the viewer (at least built-in).

Basic metadata like timestamps and file attributes can be shown as both file display columns and in the metadata panel.

I think QuickViewPlus may include a viewer for exe/dll files that may show more and would work in Opus, but I have not checked exactly what it shows.

A custom viewer could also be written fairly easily, depending on the metadata in question, but the information is probably already available via file display columns.

(Anything shown in columns can also be shown in infotips when hovering over files, and next to the files in Tiles mode, too.)

Yeah, I was hoping for the full set of metadata, or even possibly the details you get from DependencyViewer or similar debugger type tools.

Didn't think of the Info tip thing though. That just might be do the trick.

Also, do you guys have any sample plugins in .net (C# or vb would work) for a Viewer plugin? I did a little googling and didn't turn up much (other than mentions that it's normally done in C++)

Does this tool do what you want?

Only C++ for native Opus plugins, but a preview handler would work equally well for EXE/DLL metadata, and there are guides on the web for writing those in C#. The preview handler API Is quite simple, mainly consisting of implementing a function to load the data, and some others to create and position your window inside the host application. Preview handlers work in both Opus and Explorer (and some other things, like Outlook).

Looks like a very handy utility. Thanks for the pointer!

Was kinda hoping for something that ran inside the Dopus viewer window, but still, very useful.

Previewer looks like just the ticket.

A little googling turned up this for .net

Looks very promising. Thought I'd post here for anyone else interested in making previewers for Dopus (or whatever) in .net.