Doesn't open on (re)boot

I rarely reboot my PC, but about every other boot, the program won't start. With Opus being my Explorer replacement, it makes it so that I'm pretty much stuck, with This PC and such not opening. I then need to reboot my PC again in its entirety for it to work. I've had this issue with version 12 too.

I tried exiting and restarting it as described here also, as well as manually via Task Manager, but to no avail. Reinstalled it several times as well.

Tried disabling antivirus to see if that’s blocking it running sometimes?

Yessir. Disabled all Startup Apps I truly can't go without including that (even though it's an exclusion within the virus scanner now anyways since version 13 is seen as a false positive).

Is dopus.exe in task manager's Processes tab when it won't open?

under which version of windows does dopus 12/13 run?

Yup, but also after closing it by whichever means, it won't open till the reboot.

Win 11 Pro, currently on 22631 but I'm pretty sure it has happened over several updates.

If you can, next time it happens please make some process snapshots (see below) of dopus.exe when it's in that stuck state. We might be able to see what's happening from those.

Here's how to make them:

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a do-it-yourself pc or completely bought?
is one or more system languages used in windows (which ones)

because the pc runs permanently.
do you wait until it goes into standby by itself
or is energy saving used for this

have both options been changed via the internal setting options, if times ± adjusted
or is an extra program used for this purpose?

A month and some updates later, and it doesn't seem to be an issue anymore (from what I can tell since 13.1.2). I've tried brute-forcing it on 13.2 by rebooting repeatedly, but at very worst it opened about 10 seconds later than expected, popping up right when I was about to make the snapshots.

Prior, it simply wouldn't open the application until rebooting about half (at very best a third) of the time. For example, after every Windows Update reboot it was guaranteed to not work and to require another reboot after.

So all good now! Thanks!!

Sorry for not answering sooner! I don't think those are things that could've had any impact in my case. Happened on a DIY PC as well as on a travel laptop, English-only, no specific power-saving nor any app used for that. The PC functions as a secondary web server at the same time, hence it's on so much.

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