Doesn't work with Samsung Mobile Phone drives

It is stuck when using a Samsung Mobile phone drives. It works with the Explorer.

ftp works well. i use SolidExplorer on the samsung device.

I confirm this does not work on my Galaxy Note 10+ with latest Android software on it (over cable). (on Win10 latest version). You can read the phone/sdcard contents, but it just gives you error 30 when trying to copy from it to somewhere else. If I select the files from windows explorer and drop them on the target folder in Dopus, same thing, system just hangs, and after a while error 30 again. So I also use a SolidExplorer (regged) FTP server on my Note10+ with wifi, that works fine.
Strange though Dopus cannot do something that works ok in windows explorer, not a biggie, but curious anyway.

Using MTP is/was always crap.

With Cx File Explorer you can also access PC via shares (WiFi), which is better than FTP. And it works stable.

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