Dolphin Theme (with Mica effect)

Dolphin (with Mica).dlt (662.3 KB) (Version 1.1)

This theme is loosely inspired by the KDE Dolphin File Manager from Linux.
It also has some inspiration from the older Windows 7 File Explorer.

Please note that this may not be working perfectly everywhere. Feel free to suggest fixes.

:rotating_light: GPSoftware note:

We recommend against configuring Mica For Everyone to apply to Directory Opus at it will make parts of the user interface UNUSABLE. You have been warned!


  • Download the .dlt file above and open the Lister Themes in Directory Opus to import from file.
  • Install Mica For Everyone (:rotating_light: See warning above first!)
  • Open it and click "Add Rule" -> "Add Process Rule"
  • Type exactly dopus as the Process name and click Add
  • Use the following settings:

You must use Mica For Everyone for the Mica effect to work. Otherwise, it will be a Black OLED-looking theme.

Known Issues

If you find an issue please send in a screenshot and I will take a look.

Save Dialog does not apply the Mica Effect properly

This is because Directory Opus is only able to apply some colors. Windows forces other colors on it overriding my Mica efforts. :confused:



Common File Dialogs are part of Windows not Opus, so it’s not something we are doing. They override a lot of standard colos and themes when in Dark Mode, as part of Microsoft’s half-baked efforts to make them (and only them) dark, which then complicates any effort to make a cohesive, process-wide dark mode. (Something we’ve run into ourselves while doing the same for a future update.)

Yeah I understand this. I've dealt with these problems for my own stuff as well. I'm just wondering if there's a way I can fully disable my Mica efforts on Dialogs since we won't be able to make it fully Mica, but probably not.

Probably a question for the people who made the Mica tool, as I don’t know exactly what it’s doing or how it works. I imagine the same issues appear in all apps that show the common file dialogs.

I really like the theme, but i cant help to point out that WHY ARE YOU USING 25+ TB OF SPACE WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING THAT NEEDS THAT MUCH SPACE

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40 GB Windows
60 GB Work
500 GB Music
2,5 TB Games
21,9 TB P0rn


I have 57.3 TB of space, with another 2x 8TB HDDs unplugged (no room in case/desk for external case).

I archive a lot of rare content, back up rare or promotional DVDs (or DVDs that are about to rot) and such and so. It takes a LOT of space. But there's also PLEX and Emby for my DVDs to watch on my PC easier.

I'm trying your theme out right now and it's completely unreadable in light mode. Changing the font colors don't work. Are you willing to supply a light mode compatible theme?

Which text/colors do you mean?

Basically all of them.

Honestly, probably not. I wouldn't have the time to maintain one really.

You probably just beed to change a couple of background colors to black in Preferences to make it work for everyone, if it’s currently relying on a tool that changes the background via some other method.

Thanks for providing such a great theme, but the background of the recycle bin is still white

There’s no way to change the recycle bin currently.

(Actually, you can change the background, but not the text, which would make the text unreadable on a dark background.)

This is because it’s a special folder rendered by the Windows shell rather than Opus itself, and the shell doesn’t provide a (documented) way to change the text color it uses.

We have worked out a way to do it which will be part of a built-in dark mode in the future, where the whole UI can be dark (including all the system-rendered things, not just the normal file displays and other elements we render ourselves which can already be dark).

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If I may suggest, a more ideal setting for MicaForEveryone would be a class-based setting for dopus.lister rather than a process-based setting.

Unless/until dopus's settings dialog boxes, etc., have better dark mode support, it makes sense to only apply the Mica settings to the lister.

Thank you!

Thanks for that tip. Doesnt look like I can edit the original post anymore though.

I've just been testing with Mica For Everyone and our coming dark mode to see if there are any issues.

It works OK-ish, but there are some major issues. It seems to be interpreting the alpha channel in places where there isn't one, which is completely bogus and results in weird artifacts all over the place.

It only works with things that have a dark background. If you switch back to light colors, the UI is unusable. Worse, there are situations where UI is displayed before your dark configuration is loaded. For example, the config-upgrade UI or licence manager can appear very early during startup, and will be in light mode if that happens. Mica For Everyone makes those UIs unusable.

We recommend you do not apply it to Directory Opus at all.

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Really looking forward to the built in dark mode! Can't get here soon enough!


I believe the issue where a user is unable to see UI/UX elements is specific to HDR-enabled monitors. Since I'm using my DOPUS on a non-HDR display, it works well so far. Thanks