Don't auto resize columns when new column added/removed

I have just upgraded from Opus 11 and installed Opus 13.0.36 beta with default settings (ie. auto-size all columns in detail mode).

If I resize any of the column widths, then add/remove a column, all column widths get resized again. This was also present in 11 and 12, but it's always bugged me and never properly looked into a fix, until now.

Is it possible to have column widths set to auto-size, but if manually resized, and then a column added/removed, not resize the manually resized ones ?

I don't think it's possible automatically. Maybe via a script event but I suspect it would cause problems (although I might be wrong).

One thing you could do is have a button/hotkey which switches one/some/all columns from auto-size mode to their current sizes, which would them stay as-is.