Don't have Create Advanced Links in my toolbars

Interesting but I don't have Create Advanced Links in my Copy files toolbar

You toolbar may date back to a very old version, before it was added. You can reset it to the current default toolbar if you don’t have changes you need to keep.

Thanks but after a Factory reset I still don't see these (in fact there are no Folder create/Copy etc)

You've turned off the Operations toolbar entirely.

Thanks. No I did right click Reset to Factory

That will only reset the toolbar you clicked on.

There's also an option to reset all toolbars, and turn on all the default toolbars if any are off, under Settings > Toolbars. But you just need to turn on the Operations toolbar in this case.

Ah, that worked. Thanks mate.

... but attempts to create a hard link results in an error:

Error 50 from Windows means it isn't supported on that device. You're presumably trying to make a hard link on a non-NTFS device, or between devices.