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New user to everything. I'm feeling dwarfed by everyone on this forum and have probably poured over the DO12 manual longer than any soul here - (and to the poor soul who had to write it - patience of a saint)

I don't think enough people realize that, despite how far we've come, what a pain in the ass it still is to use a computer today. So much of what can be intuitive and seamless is still bafflingly crude and (sadistically) convoluted. I used to own a macbook and scoff at the technology like a pretentious wanker, what a limited infantilising interface! And then I owned a Windows 10.

Which of course is what brings me here. It's been very educational. I've been troubleshooting in vain to establish an efficient and functional OS, and file management of course is a big part of that. The configurability alone has strongly impressed, I've yet to encounter another Windows program offering more control (and respect) to its user.

I liked it so much I wanted to find out if there were any other programs the devs had built (that would make Windows 10 less of a steaming pile of kaka) and to my utter surprise discovered those guys were in fact a stone's throw away! Feels good knowing there's programming talent in the big smoke.

TL;DR hate windows, love DOpus.