DOpus 10.1 Default Settings

There are two queries/problems which I would appreciate your help with:

  1. I invoke DOpus in three ways:

    (i) With a hotkey
    (ii) By double-click of the mouse
    (iii) With Start Up

Using the first method causes no problems when I wish to reset the window position, size or starting point by
way of the "Save as Default" menu option.

Using the double click, which I assume is handled by dospusrt, I cannot get the same facility.
If I reset and save as described, any subsequent invocation by double-click completely ignores
the request. Subsequent invocations using the hotkey always stick to the last request.

Upon (iii) Start-Up DOpus initiates as with (ii), as if the Save as Default had not been requested.

  1. I am getting increasing alarms of scheduled tasks with the following format:


These are billed as never having run and never being scheduled to run in the future. Attempts to delete them
result in the creation of another to take its place. When using a restore program the generation of these
scheduled tasks was non-stop and would have continued generation if I continued to allow them to "run".

What are they for and can they be permanently stopped?

Jim P

Hi Jim,

(In general, please ask one question per thread to help people looking for similar threads.)

[ol][li] The pages under Settings -> Preferences / Launching Opus decide what happens when you do the three different actions.

Assuming the different events are all set to open the Default Lister (and not a custom Layout or anything else), you probably just want to change the option about where the default lister opens on the screen:

Preferences / Launching Opus / Default Lister / Always in the same position

Try turning that on and see if the three methods you're using now all open the lister in your desired screen location.

[li] The DOPusRT_RunSTD_{} tasks are most likely being created because a program which is UAC-elevated to run as administrator is launching folders, and Opus is not already running.

The Explorer Replacement code runs within the context of whichever program is launching the folder, and Opus -- like Explorer and the Windows shell in general -- needs to run non-elevated to work properly (details here). If Opus is already running then the elevated program can simply send it a message to ask it to open a new window. But if Opus is not running, if the elevated program ran Opus directly then Opus would also be elevated.

Using a scheduled task is one of the few reliable ways for an elevated program to launch another program without elevation, and that's the technique we use.

The tasks should be deleted automatically as soon as they have been used to launch Opus. If that isn't happening, can you think of which program may be launching folders in the way I just described so that we can see if the same happens for us?

It's also possible, although less likely, that the scheduled tasks are being created by a few other things. For example, you can manually create them by running dopusrt.exe with the /runstd argument. You'd know if you were doing that, though. They may also be used by the installer when installing or updating Opus.

If you edit the tasks and have a look at their Actions it may become clearer what they were doing and why.[/li][/ol]

PS: I edited out your registration code. You should keep that private, like a password. You've already linked your account (thanks!) and that's all that's needed to show you're a registered user on the forum.

Hi Leo

Thanks for you reply. The suggestion for the preferences option did not work. Does dopusrt take configuration settings for a Lister from a different source?

I do not use UAC, but do promote the priority of DOpus if I don't need media facilities. As far as I know no installed software runs higher than DOpus. As mentioned I performed a restore operation which generated a lot of scheduled entries, but also resulted in DOpus automatically re-installing 10.1. This act seems to be (so far!) coincident with the problem's cessation. It's difficult to understand this or why dopusrt would generate such a torrent of schedules since there was seemingly no operator or system demand for its resource.

Have taken on board your suggestions. Thanks for the advice.


If you edit the tasks and have a look at their Actions, what do they run?


Can't tell you now, deleted them all immediately after the deluge. If the problem resurfaces will do so then.


Re #1, probably the easiest thing to to is backup your configuration (Settings -> Backup & Restore) and send it to me as a private message*, and I'll take a look at how everything is set up.

Please let me know which hotkey you are using for #1 (i) as well.

(*The config may contain details you want to keep private, so don't attach it to a public message.)

Looks like we've solved this, and the different behaviour was due to the hotkey being set up by a 3rd party tool which was launching Opus, and doing things differently to the other methods (or to a hotkey set up within Opus itself, i.e. Settings -> Customize Toolbars -> Keys).