DOpus 10 & Everything

in my DOpus 9 Enviroment i have used DOpus & Everything (as explained here):
[url]SearchEverything: Getting Opus to work with Everything v4.0]
for quick searches accross all my files.
But since i've installed DOpus 10 it will generate a lot of small copy windows (most of the time, but not allways) that will not go away and i have to kill Dopus.
Can someone test this & help me to get it working again.


I also use Everything and Dopus (not integrated) and have not encountered a "small copy window" issue. I have had problems with Everything and Irfanview not playing well together but this has been going on forever.

Could you post a screenshot of one of the windows you see?

Not sure if you mean copy progress windows or some other kind of progress window.

Here we go:

MaybeI it has something to do with the used command in the compiled Hotkeys.exe ??

RunWait,"%dopusRT%" /cmd Copy TO="coll://Everything" COPYTOCOLL=member FILE="%A_LoopField%",,Hide

Following could help: in -> settings -> preferences -> Opus start -> explorer replacement there is an option
"open external folders in new tab". Check this option, if it´s unchecked, to see if it solves the problem.

Wrong click, sorry.

Nope, Sorry, that didn't do the trick.

i didn't change anything on my system (btw. Win7 Pro X64 SP1), except that i move from DOpus 9 to DOpus 10 (And maybe changed some settings in DO).
So i guess that something in the dopusrt copy command has changed??

What does %A_LoopField% turn into?

How can i determine that?
Is there a way to trace?
I only have the compiled Autohotkey exe from that Thread: [url]SearchEverything: Getting Opus to work with Everything v4.0]

I would edit the script so that it display a message box with the command-line it is running. That way we can see what it's actually doing and try to reproduce it by itself, without Autohotkey & Everything being involved.

I don't know enough about Autohtokey to say how to do that, though.

After installing AutoHotKey i can answer your question (before, i had only the executable on my computer).

The %A_LoopField% Variable holds the found Path or Filename.

After tracing a whole search process with > 100 found items (was a lot MsgBox to click away :grin: ), i couln't see any inconsistence in the passed variables.
There all looking good for me.
But one thing i've noticed is that i didn't get any copy window from dopus if i display a MsgBox after each found item.
Without the MsgBox the same behaviour as described occur.

So it maybe has something to do with the timing?

After some further testing i've found out that when i insert a "Loop 25" (Waits 25 Milliseconds, it's the shortest time that will work allways) after each call to dopusrt.exe everything works as in DOpus 9 and expected.

Maybe the call to dopusrt.exe should be done in another way than in DOpus 9??

I've found this sentence on the "What's New" Section for DOpus 10:
"There is a new interface to manipulate the Opus File Collections system from outside the program, using dopusrt.exe with the /col option"
Does anyone have further information of this "new interface" ?


Using the /col stuff would make sense, even without this issue.

It's described in detail in the last section of the What's New file.

Thanks Leo.
Will do some testing in the evening.
Now i has something to do "in real life" :sunglasses:


some good news (for me) :wink:
After adapting the AutoHotKey Script to the new /col stuff that DOpus 10 introduce it will work again the way it does in DOpus 9.

I would thnaks all the people who have looked at my problem and pointing me in the right direction. :thumbsup: