DOpus 10 Folder Tree redraw anomaly

Can't reproduce this here. scottj, please post screenshots of your Tree prefs as Leo requested.

Here are my Tree Prefs from my work machine...I'll check my other machines displaying the problem and post those if they're different.

Thanks scott, I've been able to reproduce this now, and it should be fixed in the next version.

Leo, out of curiosity, what Tree Pref setting did you change that allowed you to duplicate the problem?

I don't think it was any particular setting - your settings are pretty much the defaults. Instead, I just re-read your original post and finally understood what you were saying :slight_smile:

Hello Jon,

Version fixed it, thanks.

I don't think the new beta version resolved this issue. I too am experiencing the same problem as before.

Should a new thread be opened for this? I think my problem may only be occurring for the "virtual folders" - Downloads, My Documents, My Pictures, etc.

Is there anything unusual about your profile folder or the folders where you see the problem?

e.g. Have you moved them off the default C:\Users path to somewhere else? Are they on a network or USB drive or anything like that?

Everything is standard. The folders are where Win 7 created them on the C drive (e.g., My Documents = C:\Users\Delaney\Documents) according to my login name.

Any update yet with regard to this issue?

Jon's only just got back after being stranded for several days by a volcano (no, really).

I believe you. I encountered something similar once when I was coming back to the US from Thailand and the pilot had to re-route during mid-flight due to volcanic activity. Thanks for the reply.

I'm not sure if it's being looked into or not (or if others are reporting the same issue) and it's really becoming a PITA when using Dopus. I like the software, but not if I'm having to manually refresh every time I move a folder/file within the Windows "Libraries." I have two licenses of Dopus and I've already installed one on a new Win 7 x64 system that is experiencing the same issues. Let me know what more information I can provide in order to help you duplicate the problem.


Another thread brought this up, and I was able to reproduce it, with Jon in turn able to fix it, so it should be fixed in the next version.

That's great!!! Looking forward to the update. Cheers!