DOPUS 11.x crashes when starts

Dopus 11.x (all version) always crashes with the attached error. All previous versions running without problem.

Laptop Specs and major s/w: win 8.1 x64, Acronis home, Norton Symantec 360. Disabling Norton did not solve problem.

thanks to advise

"asynciconoverlay" suggests a third-party shell extension, involved in providing icons/overlays, is involved in the crash.

You can use ShellExView to get a list of shell extensions, and then try disabling the icon-related ones.

Some of the Acronis shell extensions have caused a few problems in the past so, since you have that installed, it might be worth a try to disable those ones first in case it's quicker than trying all the others.

While you do not need to restart Windows after making changes with ShellExView, you should fully exit Opus (via File / Exit Directory Opus) between tests, otherwise the disabled shell extension may still be loaded in the old process.

Thanks for your prompt reply. After several tests the "MozyHome Shell Extensions 2 & 3" cause the problem.
thanks again