Dopus 12.12.2 beta OneDrive status always "Sync Pending"

Dopus Always shows the status and availability of all OneDrive folders and files as "Sync Pending" while the status and availability in Explorer are shown correctly.

That's in addition to Dopus going postal and seemingly randomly downloading .zip and .exe files on entering a folder that contains any of those, even with a default Dopus config. Windows Explorer doesn't do anything like that.

Troubleshooting steps I've tried:

  • Reset Folder type format

  • Complete Uninstall/Reinstall of Dopus 12.12.2 beta and test with default config

  • Complete Uninstall/Reinstall and revert to Dopus 12.12 and test with default config

  • OneDrive Reset

  • OneDrive Uninstall/Reinstall including physically deleting the OneDrive folder on disk

OneDrive Version Is Windows 10 (not Office 365) Build 19.033.0218.0006 (in the current Win 10 build they appear to be identical, downloading it from grabs the same build)

All to no avail, so any help/hints would be immensely appreciated

The next beta (12.12.3, should be out this week) has some changes to work with new behavior in the OneDrive client which may fix what you're seeing.

Please let us know if you still see the problem after 12.12.3 (or later) is out and has been installed.

Thanks for the quick reply! Will get back to you as soon as I get my hands on 12.12.3

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Coincidentally I saw this for the first time yesterday, while I was debugging a separate OneDrive problem. I actually don't think it's anything the new beta will help with unfortunately. It seems to be a bug in OneDrive itself - sometimes, for some reason, the OneDrive DLL starts returning the wrong status to us for all files.

Obviously Explorer uses a different mechanism to query for file status but unless we can find out what that is there doesn't seem to be anything we can do about this in the short term.

I had it happen twice; the first time it resolved itself after a reboot, the second time I was able to fix it by a complete uninstall of OneDrive (including deleting the folder, as you did, but also deleting the OneDrive data directory in %LocalAppData%).

I followed the instructions here, for what it's worth:

Thanks for the heads-up! That's what I've done. uninstalled dopus, nuked the data directory, uninstalled and reinstalled OneDrive following the instruction on the site you posted the link to.

If OneDrive returns the wrong status, there's obviously not much you can do on your end. Maybe that's my "punishment" for running Windows Insider builds (Fast Ring, 18356.19h1_Release.190308-1607)

I confirm that beta 12.12.4 doesn't solve the issue :frowning:

any other suggestion? It's pretty annoying to see the status shown properly upon a reboot but then show sync pending all the time later

If you're using the current version (12.18) you should not have this issue any more.

I had to uncheck the following setting in onedrive to get it to work