DOpus 12 evalutation - you do this WRONG!

Preface: I do not really need to upgrade to 12. I am pretty happy with 11, same way I was with 10. I am using 10% of the features and sometimes got problems finding right configuration option in settings panel as there're simply too much of them there. Yet, I upgraded from v10 to v11 simply to see the project alive as I find DOpus being pretty fundamental tool.

So I downloaded and installed it on v11. My settings, layouts etc I enjoyed with v11 are all gone. v12 come up with some defaults... Cool. Luckily I had pretty fresh backup of my settings so, I just imported and it worked, but I still wonder why v12 is not using v11 settings? And what if I'd have no backup?

But worse things is this - my current v11 license covers SFTP as well and I use this pretty heavily. But bloody v12 trial does not support SFTP at all! How cool is that? What the point of leting people try the software if you do not let them try it fully? Why not allow trial to feature all things, especially the features old license include? Guys, you are doing this trial thing wrong - I am rather pissed off instead of intrigued and I simply ended up downgrading back to v11 to avoid further time waste.

Great v12 is out, but the way it is works in trial mode, especially when you are already licensed v11 user is simply wrong.

If you register for a 60 day evaluation, SFTP is included.

And Your old toolbars are still there after you upgrade.

I had a heavily customized v11 install. In my case, it gave me a message saying that all my toolbars are still there. But at the same time it seemed to have preserved all the settings anyway. The only things I had to modify were font sizes. I wonder if something went wrong in your installation.

It's normal for the default toolbar set to be changed to display the (new) default toolbars when installing a major update (i.e. 11.x -> 12.x).

If you are using a different toolbar set in some places, instead of the default set, then that might be why you didn't see it happen. If you import an Opus 11 configuration backup (instead of just installing 12 over the top of 11) then that might also be why.

For most people it should be as per the toolbar/upgrade faq, but there are so many ways Opus can be configured that you might have seen something different.