DOpus 12 not responding (Cfi ShellToys)


Directory Opus Pro 12.33 Build 8659 x64
OS 10.0 (B:22621 P:2 T:1) SP 0.0

I am writing to let you know that my DirectoryOpus 12 is not working when trying to right-click to bring up properties for a drive in the right panel. When trying to right-click on a drive in the left panel, to bring up properties, Directory Opus crashes.

Video showing the problem is linked

DirectoryOpus12 Crashing.mp4 - Google Drive.

Please would you be able to look into this.

Thank you in advance

I've emailed a crashdump file

The crash is in a DLL called CfiShell64.dll which seems to be a part of something called CFi ShellToys.

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Thank you very much for your quick response.

I've uninstalled CFI ShellToys and DOpus is working as it should again. :ok_hand: