Dopus 13 is Dope.


Very nice..
Is this using some kind of skin?

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This not a packaged skin. In Opus-speak, this is a single lister with a single tab on the Opus version of This PC with a custom vertical toolbar on the left and a custom horizontal toolbar on the top with no status bar on the bottom.. These are all independent GUI settings in Opus.

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how did you place this buttons to title bar???

Seems like some system-wide monitor manager to me. I wouldn't know which exactly, but ones like Actual Window Manager and DisplayFusion do add such buttons to application windows for easy resizing/moving/docking/snapping.

Sorry, it wasn't my intention to promote another product on this website. I used display fusion to add those buttons to the titlebar for moving the window to other monitors easily.

Also directory opus let's you easily add a background image to various ui elements.

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