Dopus-8 preferences

Hello Forum,
Recently upgraded from version-6 to version-8. While installing, I kept my old settings and imported them into the new installation.
However there are problems I can not get rid of, as follows:
Some folders with image (pictures) files, and each time I open these folders there are extra two columns: "Dimensions" and "Shooting time" which I do not need, so I right-click on the tabs at the column-tops, and select 'more' on the sub-menu, remove them from the right-window into the left one, save it and exit.
On the next open they are back again, and so in all the other folders.
The other problem is the "Modified" column, I set it to show 'date/time' and it continues to show day (like Friday, Sunday, or 'today', 'yesterday') instead of the real date and hour like normal.
I keep on 'fiddling' with the settings but on the next time its all back again.
I did not have these problems in the previous version.

I upgraded only because the previous version was sistematicly exiting when right-clicking on ANY multimedia file (specialy mpegs, avi etc.) and I did not know about this forum, otherwise I would have posted this problem and stay with the old one. :confused:
I hope and appreciate your help with the above issues.
PS. OS=xp pro+sp1

First two questions should be answered by this:
[Folder Formats: Quick Guide)

Problem when right-clicking should be answered by this one:
[Crash, exit or high CPU when right-clicking certain files)

Most questions can be answered by this:


Hello again,
Less then an hour and I got my answers - problems solved :smiley:
Thanks for the answers and this forum.

Just a quick note on upgrading from Opus 6 to Opus 8. Please do not use your older toolbars and menu. There are many new features in Opus 8 which you may miss or not find easily if you use the older system.