DOpus 8 Shot

DOpus 8 Shot

What powers the launcher bar on the left hand side of the screen?

No idea. The screenshot was submitted on the old site anonymously so I'm not sure who you can ask. Hopefully they are still around and can answer...

Since it's windows, that looks very similar to this...

It just emulates the MacOS launcher. I tried it both the Vista and Longhorn packs... works pretty good.

It might be the clone of Apple's OSX dock that's part of Object Desktop (I think that's the name) by Stardock.

Don't think it does anything functionally that you can't do with an Opus floating-docked toolbar (in fact the Opus toolbar will probably do more) but it will look flashier with the resizing icons and stuff like on the Mac if you want that.

Maybe there are other tools which do similar things as well but that's the one I've seen in the past.

Looking at the screenshot, I see there is a toolbar button titled "ObjectDock." I'd guess that was the program. :slight_smile:


Y'z Dock can emulate the OSX Dock thingy. The official Y'z website is down though, so you'll have to google it.

Y'z Dock was discontinued a while back after recieving a cease and desist order from Apple... Thankfully Stardock didn't succumb... Object Desktop certainly is the name of the dock application and it gets the thumbs up from me