DOpus on Win. XP Pro stopped working!

Used last to create a file collection. Next reboot it wouldn't show tray icon. Started using 50% of CPU when double-clicking on desktop, but did not appear. Reinstalled, but to no effect.

See if this trouble shooting guide helps at all. Read the sections on firewalls in particular.

I hope this helps

[List of FAQs organised by topic)


If you think it's a problem related to the file collection you made, try renaming

%APPDATA%\GPSoftware\Directory Opus\Collections

to something else and then starting Opus.

(I'm not sure if the APPDATA env-var exists on XP. If not do a search on C:\ for the Collections folder and rename it.)

If that was the cause of the problem please zip up the renamed collections folder and send it to GPSoft so they can try to work out what went wrong.

Thank you, those who replied. I ended up uninstalling DOpus and reinstalling it, and all was well again. Mysterious!