DOpus Languages

07.01.2010 11:54:03

DOpus setup-gui is in english, DOpus main-gui is in german (as expected).
English is the only language available in setup.

Yes, I use the Dutch language gui and I just installed 9.5.2 (32 bit / Vista) and only English is available ...

Hello, I have the same concern but I did install in French.
I find that damage to different languages and have only

We wanted to get a version out ASAP to fix the crashing bug from, we will have the translated version available soon.

The language files are ready now; if you want to download from the website again it will work fine.


I have version and I confirm that the language file does
not work.

download the archive again - fresh and clean - and reinstall.

I can affirm that the last version works fine!

(compiled 08.01.2010 10:08:26)

It's ok for me now ^^