DOpus Ai plugin for automating KiCad component library creation

Hi all, I'm newly returned after about 12 years away from this forum :blush:

KiCad is a PCB circuit design program. Components are individual electonic parts such as a simple 2 pin capacitor, or a 300 pin CPU. They exist in 3 forms, SYMBOL for the Schematic, FOOTPRINT for the PCB, and 3D model for making renders.

KiCad is nice and all, but to add components to it has to be only one file at a time with lots and lots of clicks... So adding 30 components takes about 45 tedious minutes...

Much better to spend a week developing a new tool to automate the painful task!
Well I got up to date only yesterday to DOpus 12, and onto 13 today. So I could do with some suggestions where to start.

Ideally I'd like to also integrate ChatGPT into DOpus to assist in massaging the files.
So I'll need to insert a text editor to the Viewer Pane. Or perhaps an IDE to the viewer pane with GitHub CoPilot to hook into DOpus?

The KiCad "Components" are in XML which need to be all pasted together with a header and footer added to the file. Also every line needs tabs added to it for correct spacing.

Where do I start?

Greg (Melbourne Amiga User Group)


I've started working on this with the help of Bard Ai and GPT4 Ai.
Last night I got a Bash window to OpenAi coming up with an error. So its not working, but the HTTP link from Directory Opus has gotten that far.
Lots more work to come.