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Dopus application icon changed to blue, how to revert to yellow?


My dopus application icon changed to blue since the 12.0 release:
I liked the previous yellow one much better as it somehow was faster to find in the taskbar and I see you are still using it in this forum:
I looked with Resource Hacker at dopus.exe and to my surprise found only the yellow icon in there not the blue.
My HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\explorer does not have a shell icon key.
So I have no idea where dopus is taking the blue icon from.

I also tried to add the yellow icon as trayicon.ico to the .exe directory, but dopus did not pick it up.
I newer did anything to make the icon blue, it just appeared like that after some update (I think the 12.0 update but am not to sure.). I am on a new PC now and on this one the icon was blue from the first install.

Please advise how to restore the yellow icon.


The icon for individual windows is blue by default when the window is in dual display mode. You can change the color under Preferences / Display / Colors & Fonts.

You would not normally see the blue icon on the taskbar unless you had turned off grouping on the taskbar.


Still no yellow star, just a yellow circle. But better than before.