Dopus at 100% CPU

I have a directory with 5,968 image files (jpg).

I wanted to rename these, and selected all files. I then select "File" (In the Menu) and CPU goes to 100%.

If I select 5 files there is no problem. If I select 539 files CPU goes to 100% for about 20 sec before the file menu opens up.

If I select all 5,968 files, CPU goes to 100% for more than 13 min (I killed Dopus at that point).

I tried other directories with thousands of files, and had similar problems...

How would I trobleshoot this?

(using U)

The File menu by default displays the system context menu for all selected files. Most likely some third-party context menu extension you have installed is taking a long time to examine all the selected files - you would theoretically see the same thing if you just right-clicked on them.

Try turning off Windows context menus by turning on the Hide Windows items on file context menus option in Preferences / Miscellaneous / Windows Integration and see if that fixes the problem.

If it does, then you need to try to work out which context menu extension is responsible.

Tried it (context menu doesn't show now). However, still very slow; it took more than 3 minutes before the File Menu opened up (after selecting 5,968 files) :frowning:. If I select fewer files (3,469) it is faster, about 1 min 45 sec.

After the 3 min, I was able to select the "rename" command.

[Note that when I searched all files in the Rename Dialogue box (*), I found that only the first 100 files (sort by name) were available, at least only 100 files showed in the preview box..... Mabe this is by design, becuse all files, more than 100, were renemed anyway]

What next?

The Rename preview only shows the first 100 files by design.

If the File menu is still slow for you even after turning off Windows filetypes then it sounds like some sort of bug or clash with the files in particular. I suggest you submit a formal support request via the GP Software website.

It happens with different files in different directories. Did you try the steps outlined above?

Submitting a formal support request is the best option at this point.

(Mr Viking -- it's time to get a faster cpu, bigger hard drives and more memory -- you've earned it and obviously need it!)

Unfortunately it may come with the operating system.

I was forced to look around for a Widows Explorer replacement when trying to read large font files. WE would read and discuss each font file it faced.

Currently, I'm finding this slowness in other applications (not only DOpus) and would guess it's one of those laws of large numbers: things get exponentially slower with increases in size. (Seems like they read the first and write it to memory, read the second and write the first and the second to memory, read the third and write the first and second and third to memory, etc -- thus it becomes an ever slower process).

I can defrag while I'm waiting, update my resume some more and still finish a couple of games of Spider Solitaire which gives me a fuller life than I would have if everything was done quickly...

I hear AMD and Intel have dual cpus available...

I just realized that the slowdown has nothing to do directly with Dopus but is a general Windows "problem". If I select the files in Windows Explorer and then click the File menu, it is also extremely slow to open..

I am mostly using another Filemanager replcement for Windows Explorer. It also has a renaming tool, but it is under a tool menu (no need to select the File menu). Thus this problem does not appear in this filemanager.

Maybe it would work better if Dopus did the same thing? Move the rename "tool" to the tool menu instead?

A workaround is otherwise to go up one level and select the folder containing the files instead, then check "rename in selected subfolders". The dissadvantage is that there is no preview in this case.

I just tried this workaround. The rename progressbar remained at 0% for about 10 min, and then closed. It appears that the files were renamed properly.

Anything to avoid submitting a support request, eh? :slight_smile:

There is a button for Rename on the toolbar. Opus also lets you totally configure the menus as you wish, if you want to move it to the Tools menu.

[quote="jon"]Anything to avoid submitting a support request, eh? :slight_smile:
Well, if it is something that is only affecting myself, then a support request may be appropriate. The advantage with discussing it on the forum is that everyone can learn 8) .

I think that bugs, problems, how-to-do-things and feuture requests should be discussed so that others may chip in!

There is a button for Rename on the toolbar. Opus also lets you totally configure the menus as you wish, if you want to move it to the Tools menu.[/quote]

You are right. That's the way to do it! See, now everyone who is as ignorant as myself - if possible- (:oops:) can learn!

Nope. As we continually say here - whilst it's perfectly ok to discuss bug reports, potential new features etc here - it must be noted that nothing is guaranteed to reach the ears of those that matter.

To ensure your request/report is actually read by GPSoftware you must file an official report using your registration number - the registration number being a requirement simply so they don't have to spend time helping thieves...