Dopus behaves as if I am holding Shift button while I am not

There are times when I am using Shift + Del shortcut a lot, e.g when I am browsing through file collections(Duplicate files for example) looking for stuff that I don't need, and I noticed that Dopus from time to time tends to behave as if I am holding Shift button, pressing shift again helps to reset it. At first I thought that something is wrong with my keyboard, but this happens only in Dopus, I can even switch(not touching my keyboard) to another app(Explorer) and everything works fine there, back to Dopus - it still thinks that I am holding Shift button. Could you please check if there is something wrong with the way DO processes keystrokes?
Dopus version 12.12.3 x64, Windows 7 SP1 x64
Steps to reproduce: use Shift + Del(first press Shift, hold it, then press Del, then release both) shortcut for some time.

I don't think that is an Opus bug, and Opus simply asks Windows if the shift key is held down when it needs to know.

There's a longstanding issue with Windows where the keyboard state can become confused within a particular app when the shift key is held down while the UAC secure desktop appears or disappears. (And similar things that switch to another desktop and back.) You may be experiencing that. It's particularly easy to trigger if the action which triggers the UAC prompt was itself triggered while holding the Shift key (e.g. Shift-clicking a button.)

There are also times when the meaning of Shift + Del changes, at least with the normal buttons. (e.g. It means a different thing on FTP sites where the Recycle Bin isn't a thing.) But if you're seeing something happen and then something else happen after tapping the Shift key, my guess is it's Windows getting confused about keyboard state. There's nothing we can do about that, as far as I know.

(Turning off the UAC Secure Desktop option is one way to avoid it happening, of course, but that has its own pros & cons. Then again, Microsoft say UAC isn't a security barrier, and do nothing to fix UAC bypasses, so the secure desktop option is of questionable worth in terms of security.)

In my case the "hold Shift" thing definitely happens without UAC involvement. I am just deleting files from local drive folders and after some time Dopus starts selecting large portions of files as if I am holding the Shift key. I thought that it is somehow related to Dopus advanced shortcut handling, by advanced I mean that it supports key sequences as shortcuts unlike most of the apps I know.

You know best, but I find it strange that this happens only in Dopus. I can open Explorer and Dopus side by side, and when the Shift hangs in DO it doesn't in Explorer, and by that I mean that if "Shift hang" happens in DO and I make Explorer window active using mouse everything works as it should in the Explorer window, then if I make DO window active again the "Shift hang" is still in place in the DO window.

Does it ever trigger a UAC prompt?

Alt-tabbing or other focus-switches while Shift is held down might also be able to confuse things, although I've never experienced that myself; only with UAC and the secure desktop.

Maybe something the keyboard drivers are doing could be involved as well. I'm only guessing based on the one thing I've seen cause this in the past.

You're probably doing different things in Opus vs Explorer and other software. Or something in the system is getting confused by the multiple UI threads that Opus has, which is less common with other software.

Windows manages a view of keyboard state which is per-process, not system-wide. So the shift key can appear stuck in one app and not in another. At least, that is my experience when the issue is caused by shift being down during the transition into the UAC secure desktop, and being up during the transition out of it (with Windows still thinking the key is down, in the app that triggered the UAC prompt, because the shift-key-up event happened on another desktop).

I've seen that issue affect other processes, not just dopus.exe.

Some keyboard drivers have additional per-process state, especially ones which let you change their configuration/macros/etc. for different programs.

No it doesn't. I rarely see UAC because most of my routine work doesn't require elevated rights.

Thanks for the information. I think I should try to reproduce "Shift hang" on clean boot of Windows without numerous apps running simultaneously(sadly I don't have enough time to do it now), maybe this will shed some light on what actually happens.

I am using Microsoft Comfort Curve with stock Windows drivers, so I guess that is probably not the case. Logitech Setpoint Driver is installed though(mouse).
P.S. Anyway thanks for trying to help me.

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