Dopus Changes Filenames to Uppercase


Recently, 2 weeks or so, Dopus has started changing filename display to Uppercase. It displays normally for 30 seconds or so and then changes.

I am on Windows 10 version 20H2 (OS Build 19042.630)
Dopus version 12.22 x64

As a side note I found this was a problem years ago with Display Fusion. I do use DF. Though I can exit DF before I launch Dopus for the first time though the problem persists.

Any thoughts on how to rectify this situation?

Thank you for a wonderful product.

Please re-download the installer from our website:

After downloading it, check that the digital signature is correct and the file is undamaged: How to check for a corrupted installer or main program

Then run the installer, over the top of your existing install. (There's no need to uninstall first, and doing so would wipe your config, so don't do that.)

Once that is finished, please reboot and see if the problem still happens.

That did it!

Thank you;