Dopus crash accessing Network Shares

I am having dopus crashes on the opening of network shares.
I have a mix of PCs and MACs on a home network, and I noticed since the last update constant crashes. I have uploaded the error message and screens.
Also when it does not crash it seems not to display the contents of the folder?

See attached.


The empty folder, assuming it only happens with shares from Mac machines which have been upgraded to OS X Mavericks, is probably due to problems with the OS X Mavericks SMB server. (They affect both Opus and Explorer, as well as other programs, although the exact effects vary and may be less severe.)

The blank share name in tree is another symptom. Some people have said doing a clean install, rather than an upgrade, of Mavericks cured things for them, although I don't know how true that is. Others say forcing Windows to connect using SMBv1 helped (indicating the problem is in Apple's SMBv2 implementation).

The crash may or may not be related to that. Does it only happen with OS X Mavericks shares? Does the crash affect Explorer if you try with that, or only Opus? Is a Crash Dump created matching the date/time of the crash?

The suggestions in Crash, exit or high CPU usage when viewing certain directories may also be useful, but probably only if the crash does not seem to be related to the OS X Mavericks problems.