DOpus Crash after running faulty rename script

In the last weeks i often encounter DOpus crashes in the context of renaming files. I just ran a rename script which was faulty (inproper syntax) but dopus continued trying to apply it to ~300 files. So i closed the rename dialog but its progress dialog remained open and was not closable. So I tried to use the taskbar icon "exit dopus" but it still remained open so i killed dopusrt aswell. After reopening DOpus (without dopus or dopusrt running previously/having killed them previously) I always get this error message.


Let me know if and how i can contribute more information.
Have a nice weekend.

The crash logs and rename script would be useful. (70.4 KB)

The script is actually useless (because unfinished and replaced by another one, but i wasnt aware of that when i started it). Hopefully you can still go on some bug hunting :wink:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<rename_preset case="none" group="Date Time" ignoreext="yes" script="yes" type="normal" version="12">
	<script>@script jscript
function OnGetNewName(getNewNameData)
	// Add script code here.
	// Main inputs (all read-only):
	// - getNewNameData.item:
	//     Object with information about the item being renamed.
	//     e.g., item.name_stem, item.ext,
	//          item.is_dir, item.size, item.modify,
	//          item.metadata, etc.
	//     item.path is the path to the parent folder.
	//     item.realpath is the full path to the file, including its name,
	//          and with things like Collections and Libraries resolved to
	//          the real directories that they point to.
	// - getNewNameData.oldname_field:
	// - getNewNameData.newname_field:
	//     Content of the &quot;Old Name&quot; and &quot;New Name&quot; fields in the Rename dialog.
	// - getNewNameData.newname:
	// - getNewNameData.newname_stem and newname_stem_m:
	// - getNewNameData.newname_ext  and newname_ext_m:
	//     The proposed new name for the item, based on the non-script
	//     aspects of the Rename dialog. Scripts should usually work from this
	//     rather than, so that they add to the dialog&apos;s changes.
	//     newname_ext is the file extension, or an empty string if none.
	//     newname_stem is everything before the file extension.
	//     The *_m versions handle multi-part extensions like &quot;.part1.rar&quot;.
	// - getNewNameData.custom:
	//     Contains any custom field values for additional user input.
	// Return values:
	// - return true:
	//     Prevents rename.
	//     The proposed getNewNameData.newname is not used.
	// - return false: (Default)
	//     Allows rename.
	//     The proposed getNewNameData.newname is used as-is.
	// - return &quot;string&quot;:
	//     Allows rename.
	//     The file&apos;s new name is the string the script returns.


		var item = getNewNameData.item;
			return true;

		var itemName = item.name_stem + &quot;&quot;;
		var day = itemName.substring(0, 2);
		var month = itemName.substring(3, 5);
		var year = itemName.substring(6, 10);

		var timePart = itemName.split(&apos;_&apos;);
		var hour = &quot;&quot;;
		var min = &quot;&quot;;
		var sec = &quot;&quot;;

		return year + &quot;-&quot; + month + &quot;-&quot; + day + &quot; &quot; + hour + &quot;-&quot; + min + &quot;-&quot; + sec;
		return true;