DOpus crashing in Windows 11 Build 25179

Since I updated to Windows 11 Build 25179, I am continuing to have Directory Opus stop working. An error box pops up saying "The error (0xC0000005) occurred in thread 'dopus.expandtreethread' at address 0x00007FFAF1817923.

I can do a system restart and sometimes DOpus will work fine for awhile, but then the issue resumes. This is happening on both my desktop and my laptop. This is the first time I've had any issues with DOpus since going to Windows 11 last year.

So my question is, is this an issue with Windows, DOpus, or something else.

Please send the crash logs and we will investigate:

Thanks for sending the crash logs.

Unfortunately, it looks like the problem is outside of Opus. It's likely to be a bug in Windows itself, or possibly something that interacts with it such as a cloud storage driver or antivirus.

The crash is happening when Opus asks Windows for the name of a file. Windows then does several nested calls and tries to access a null pointer. None of the data Opus is passing in is null, so the null pointer (and bug) must be coming from Windows (or one of the other involved components).

You may be able to prevent the issue from happening by turning off:

  • Preferences / Folders / Folder Display / Display localized folder names

That will make Opus less likely to request display names for files. (It'll also mean the real, on-disk names are displayed, not translated ones, if you're using Windows in a language other than English. In English, it can mean things have slightly different names but shouldn't be detrimental or confusing.)

Turning off this may also be worth a try (if it's currently on):

  • Preferences / Folders / Folder Behavior / Display extended sync attributes for cloud folders

Both are just guesses, though. The issue looks like something which Microsoft will need to fix.

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