DOpus doesn't install x64 version on Windows ARM in Parallels on Apple Silicon M1

I was very happy to see DOPus running on my M1 mac with Parallels and Windows ARM. Windows ARM has x64 emulation and it works great, I have several x64 windows programs running. However the universal DOpus installer always wants to install x86. It works nicely, but I would prefer x64. Compatibility settings of the intaller do not offer any switch to change that. Could you please for example offer a switch for command line that will force x64 installation? Thank you!

I would like to add that other universal installers all automatically chose x64, it was only DOpus that didn't.

I don't think there's a simple way we can do that. Inno Setup seems to need to be told what architectures to install the 64 bit files on in advance. We could tell it to do so on arm64 but as far as we know x64 support on ARM is still in beta so this would mean it wouldn't work for anyone who wasn't using the Insider build. Once x64 support is out of beta we'll be able to change it so the x64 files are installed automatically.

Hello, just for your information, DOpus x64 (!) seems to run with no issues on my MacBook M1. I tend to be very careful and since I'm not 100% sure if it installed absolutely perfectly, I'm deleting the (cloned) VM and will continue to use the 32 bit version.