"dopus.exe" file disappears

The Directory Opus executable file(dopus.exe) would disappear, this happened on a number of occasions and had to recover it from backup or install the program again and also had difficulty getting into the original explorer to get the file. This happened when I right clicked on a file to open up another program.
Any ideas please

Sounds very odd. Do you have any antivirus/HIPS/sandboxing running by any chance?

I have TrendMicro internet security on PC.This is odd you are right. Its easy to fix once I get into the original explorer or I use Acronis file recovery from backup. I would accept if the program just became unresponsive but for the executable to be deleted is strange.

I also have Melwarebytes on pc

That's the first time i've read about the program file just disappearing. Sounds to me, like it's getting quarantined by one of the programs, that is, perhaps moved to some special folder (like it sometimes happens with Comodo). But no decent watchdog or AV program should actually delete any files without at least asking/notifying the user. Maybe you could try to look, if there is a quarantine folder, or if you could add Dopus.exe to a
white list.

Will do and will investigate when it happens again.

It's very difficult for a program to delete itself, and not something Opus tries to do on purpose, so it's highly unlikely this is anything Opus itself is doing.

Antivirus or disk/filesystem errors seem most likely. Most antivirus tools have a log that'll tell you if they've taken any actions. Disk/filesystem errors are likely to result in Event Log messages.