DOpus Favorites: Possible to specify dynamic alias rules?

In DOpus, you can do:

Favorites :: Edit Favorites :: Favorites & Recent :: Folder Aliases
and from there you are able to edit your own custom DOpus alias entries.

Is there a way to specify "dynamic" alias rules that map 
alias paths to a rule instead just of a single string?

For example, suppose I specify an alias regex: 
        $foo = /myfave([\w]+)/;
and I type in aliases that match the regex, can i get:

movies      => c:\favorite_stuff\myfave_movies
books       => c:\favorite_stuff\myfave_books
software    => c:\favorite_stuff\myfave_software

This would be handy for certain situations, and a nice convenience
for cases where you have many different paths that vary only slightly 
based on a rule or function consisting of a finite number of  
pre-mapped transformations.

As far as I know this currently isn't possible in Opus.

But since your example paths all begin with c:\favorite_stuff\ you could create a menu button with a Go FOLDERCONTENT command which would generate a clickable list of all the first level subfolders of c:\favorite_stuff\

Great suggestion. On top of that, apparently DOpus allows you to type an alias, and then "drill down" the alias with existing subdirectories! So if you have some long paths beneath "/favorite_stuff" you can type in something like


and then use the up down arrow keys to scroll through all subdirectories that start with the letter m. If you have more folders beneath that, you can repeat the process, progressively narrowing down to a specific directory.

Although that's not exactly the feauture I was looking for, that in itself is pretty nice!