DOpus & Firefox 9.0 Downloads


Firefox 9.0 and DOpus 4267 x64.

When I RMB within FF on the download it ask which way I would like to open the download so I choose Open Containing Folder then DOpus opens the Lister straight away but waits around 30secs to focus on the file then from there it opens another DOpus Lister which then points to the file.

So the first Lister doesn't point to the file the second one does but in total it waits around 30 Secs. This never use to happen only a few versions ago it started to pop up but I thought I would wait to see if a new version fixed the it.

My AV is MSE.



We have a fix for this in the pipeline.

I'm not sure why Firefox and a bunch of other programs have changed how they open folders (semi-)recently, but we got to the bottom of it recently and have started testing a fix.

Hi Leo,

Thank you for your reply FYI this happened for me only a couple of versions back in DOpus.


I think it's Firefox that changed rather than Opus, although the Firefox change is perfectly valid and I'm not blaming them.

I have a hunch that some of the programs changed how they open folders to improve compatibility with WINE. WINE doesn't support the API they were using to open folders (probably because Microsoft have not documented what it actually does, which is quite arcane and varies between Windows versions), so maybe to help people running their software under WINE they are checking if the API succeeded and falling back on an alternative if it didn't. Problem is, on Windows with Opus that was causing a delay and then a second window to open.

The fix we've been testing looks good so far and will probably be in Opus (i.e. the first beta after the imminent release), unless our testing shows up any problems.

Ive seen the same problem from using the same function in utorrent bittorrent client too - Glad to see it going to be fixed in a new version!

Hey Leo,

First of all thanks for looking into the problem I know you stated it will be in the version but FYI in the latest update the problem still occurs.


... and what's the latest update?

... and what's the latest update?[/quote]

The same as my Signature DOpus

As I said:

That's still true.

The fix will be in beta (which we haven't released yet) and was never going to be part of (which we released yesterday).

Hey Leo,

Thank you and the guys at DOpus for the fix so far so good.

BTW its great to see the video showing what else you can do with DOPus so much to learn and put a voice to the face on the web as well.


Hey guys, there's still a slight issue with "open containing folder" in FF9: there's about a 2 second delay before the lister window opens. Other than that, it works as intended :slight_smile:

There's no delay for me, FWIW. See the video that accompanies the beta for how it behaves for me (it's instant).

Do you get the same delay when opening Opus windows via other methods?

If you turn off Explorer Replacement, is there a similar delay when opening Explorer Windows?

Last time I tried there was no delay, maybe it was just temporary! :slight_smile: