DOpus fonts change when Windows scaling is changed

This is a big problem for me. I'm using Windows 8.1 (Update) on a tablet (MS Surface Pro 2). I frequently switch between using the device as a tablet and docking it to use my big screen monitor & full size keyboard.

Win 8 on a tablets has a well publicized annoyance -- when switching from tablet mode to a large desktop monitor, you have to rescale the Windows desktop. By that I mean - Right Click on Desktop > Screen Resolution > Make Text or Other Items Larger or Smaller > .... and then selecting one of the options to rescale Windows font sizes - typically switching between 150% scaling for tablet mode and 100% scaling for use with a desktop monitor.

When I switch scaling, the font sizes in DOpus change - by a lot. They don't stay the font size I specified. I wished it wouldn't do that!

FYI...I'm using v11.3 64-bit. If I set the fonts to my preferred Segoe UI 10 point in tablet mode (Win scaling factor = 150%)...when I swich to the desktop monitor and change the Win scaling to 100%, the fonts all change to 14 point.

Conversely, if I set the fonts to 10 point Segoe UI when Windows is scaled to 100% and then switch to tablet mode and so switch Win font scaling to 150%, in DOpus the fonts are all reset to some very small size.

DOpus looks great with fonts set to Segoe UI 10 point at both 100% and 150% Win desktop scaling. What bothers me is that it changes it's font size when I change the Windows scaling factor.

If DOpus would just retain the font size I would be wonderful!

So why doesn't DOpus respect my font size specification with the Windows desktop scaling factor is changed?


After changing, if you use File > Exit Directory Opus to fully exit Opus, then restart it, do you still see the same results?

When you say the fonts change to 14 point, is it that the fonts look like 14 point, or do you literally see the reported font size in Preferences change from 10 to 14?

The font looks 14 point and is reported as 14 point under Preferences > Display > Colors and Fonts. Fully exiting DOpus and restarting has no effect - the unwanted font size persists.

If I right click on the Desktop > Screen Resolution > Make text and other items larger or smaller > and change the scaling factor - the system asks you to sign out and re-sign back in to complete all the setting changes. After I do that, there are the unwanted font sizes. As mentioned, the font settings within DOpus will have changed. I have to manually go back into the Preferences > Display > .... and reset them from 14 point to 10 point. Given that there a lot of font settings - it's a huge pain.

If DOpus would just internally respect my previously specified (10 point) font setting and not change on it's own, I'd certainly appreciate it! :slight_smile:

Thanks for confirming that.

I've added it to our list to look at, along with some other font/DPI issues which could be improved.

FWIW the configuration data is not really changing when the DPI is changed. The issue is that reported font size is calculated by dividing the font size (in the font-size units used by Windows) by a system metric, where the system metric is changing with the DPI.

I see the exact same thing. What I observe is:

  1. when de hi DPI screen is active and I change all the fonts to say 8pt. they appear as 8pt and are good readable on a small screen (Lenovo X1 Carbon: 2560*1440 on 14")
  2. when I let the laptop sleep and come up again with a normal DPI screen connected, fonts are actually changed from 8pt to 13pt.

maybe to clarify this a bit more: not only is the font displayed its value in the preferences > Colors and Fonts actually changes from 8 to 13

I ended up creating two backups and restore them when switching monitors. That seems to work fine. See the two attached files.

[attachments removed by request]

Hi guys, have this same issue. After docking and undocking my Surface Pro 3 all fonts sizes get changed in the preferences > Colors and Fonts from whatever they are (a mix of 9 & 10 for me) to 13. I then have to manually change each one back one at a time to my defaults (guess I could load a config?) I don't understand why these would change ?

What does docking and undocking actually do? Does it cause a DPI change?

Hi there, yeah sorry, that's probably not terribly clear. In Windows 8.1 I have a 27" screen connected to the Surface dock, this is set at 100% and I don't use the Surface screen, however when I undock and go to the Surface screen this is set to 125% or 150% (they don't use percentages any more) So, if I start DO here then go back to docked and the 27" screen all my fonts have now been set to BIG and I have to manually change back. It's not big deal but just there is no way in the GUI to change them all at once say down one pt or up 1 pt.

If I just backup my config then restore will that put it all back right in one go ? Will give that a try

I'd be very surprised if your actual configuration is changing. What happens if you just quit Opus and restart it in that situation?

(Make sure you fully exit Opus).

Still 13 point as far as I can remember, even after reboot. Let me see if I can make it happen again in the next day or so and document it a little bit better.

Any news on fixing this? I also have problems with this - I'm syncing settings across different machines. In my high resolution laptops (with scaling), font size 8 becomes 4 automatically. If I set it to be 8 in the laptop and save and sync the setting, when I open DOpus in the desktop the font size becomes 23.

Hi, we have now 24.1.2016 and still this problem happens on surface pro 3.
NO solution from DOPUS??
I just had an update of dopus.. but still this very annoying thing..

Every day i have twice to set all font sizes from 14 to 11....
I will leave dopus at the end..

hope a help comes


ups ..just to make clear.. i use the newest opus and windows 10 on surface pro 3 (profile now updated)


We have been working on improved high DPI support, and are using high DPI screens ourselves, but the improvements are not ready for release yet.

It is unusual to need to reset the font sizes twice a day, however, unless you are changing the Windows DPI settings and rebooting/logging out twice a day as well? Is that what's happening, or is it something else?

If it is something else then we would like to understand exactly what is causing the change so we can ensure we have tested our new high DPI code with that scenario.

Same issue, using a larger monitor connected to Surface Pro 3 via DisplayPort adapting to VGA, and extending the screen. If you move DirOpus over to the other monitor, it's interesting to see in between, when DO is split between the two screens, the font size increases radically (in my case to 16pt) on the external monitor, while it stays the same on the Surface Pro. Sometimes DO sorts things out and adopts correct scaling when it's moved fully to the external monitor. But sometimes it stays at the larger size. And then when you move it back to the SP screen, the font remains large, and the only way to rescale is to manually reset all the font sizes in Preferences. Sometimes there isn't a problem, but when it happens it's a bother.

That kind of thing is normal for all applications. A window can only be at one DPI or another, so if you have monitors at different DPIs, and windows that straddle them, Windows will assign the DPI of the monitor which the majority of the window is on.

While there are some issues with changing system DPI requiring a font size reset (which will be smoothed over in a future update), this is not one of them, and it is completely normal for all applications, not just Opus. It's something Windows does, not individual applications.

[quote="leo"]It is unusual to need to reset the font sizes twice a day, however, unless you are changing the Windows DPI settings and rebooting/logging out twice a day as well? Is that what's happening, or is it something else?

I think most of us having this problem are using multiple machines with different scaling. I, for example, use one desktop (100%) and a Surface Pro 3 (150%), and another high-resolution laptop (200%). And I sync my Dopus settings across all machines. Currently I have to maintain 3 different themes with different font sizes for different machines.

I think the why Dopus scales things works great (for example, font sizes for menu and toolbar items looks great in all machines without any modifications), so it would be great if the font sizes for actual panes and status bars work the same.

That's the normal case that we expected, and will have addressed in a future update, along with lots of other DPI changes.

It sounds like some people are seeing something else, though, but it could be a misunderstanding (just not sure on which side yet), particularly when using multiple monitors at different DPIs, which seems to confuse a lot of people.