Dopus freezes right mouse button with selected files

Ik know this problem is in the faq.

Tried lots of things from the faq.
Dbgview with the advanced options enabled in Dopus.
Couldn't find something real weird.
With shexview disabled all context menus that were not MS.
Sometimes after a reboot the problem is gone but comes back
after a few minutes.

In the MS explorer no troubles.

After 1 minute dopus comes back with (his) context menu perfect.
Every next try takes 1 minute or so.

Even reinstalled dopus (keeping my settings I presume), but no.
Switching off MS context menu's in dopus helps, but that I don't like.

What next ? Back to my Amiga ? :slight_smile:

What i have it running on;

Win 7 X64 with latest updates (end february 2010)
Dopus x64 36660 x64.

That means it's one of the third-party context menus which is causing the problem.

The steps to work out which one are in the FAQ. Not much more info we can give than what's there.

Thnx Leo for the fast reply.

Nope the FAQ, although good, doesn't help me.


I think I've found it. !

I just upgraded to True Launchbar 4.4.6 beta. x64 from 4.4.x some
day's ago.
Disabling it by renaming the "tlb.dll" to "_tlb.dll" in it's installed
folder solved it. This only after one try though. (with reboot).

Anyone else working with this combination ?

It has something to do wint True Launch Bar.

But what ??
No clue. It's not just version 4.4.6. Version 4.4.3. suffers
from it too. It has to do with a or some plugins of True Launch Bar.

It eats a bit too much time.

Later maybe more.

On the Amiga it was fun... now...... eating too much time.

It sounds like you found the culprit - but FWIW, the info in this FAQ under the "Finding The Culprit" section definitely would have helped you... Perhaps you didn't read it and understand how to apply it?

For posterity... I wonder when you used Dbgview if the last context menu handler/shell extension CLSID listed when you right clicked on your file(s) was the one for TrueLaunchBar.

To troubleshoot which extension might have been causing the problem without randomly renaming files - you also could have added one CLSID at a time to the ignore_context_menus list of exclusions, and from there deduced what was conflicting with right-click in Opus.

In any case - you may need to open an actual support case with GPSoft now that you've identified the conflict as there may be very little anyone here on the forums can suggest that you do to "fix" it... but, instead of disabling ALL Windows / third-party context items - you should now be able to add the TLB CLSID to the exclusion list so it doesn't interfere with you using Opus while things are investigated...

err... I meant... THIS FAQ.

I haven't been following this very closely but I also have True Launch Bar and I did try the 4.4.3 beta for it but had taskbar icon display problems so I uninstalled the beta and went back to 4.4.0 which works fine for me. I have no problems with it and Opus. XP Pro, SP3.


In DBGView the last entry was something like "Copy as path" I don't remember the CLSID ofcourse.
The exclusion list is new to me. It hink this might be usefull.

Found something else.

If I config Dopus to replace the standaard MS Explorer (the recommended setting), which I like. Then the problem occurs.
If I do not let Dopus replace the MS explorer, and start Dopus from the desktop icon, all is fine. No problem whatsoever.

And it is not a particular file extension where it occurs, it's every file where it happens, and folder.

I will read the FAQ part you are referring to again. Thnx for that.

I excluded every CLSID found by DBGview. (almost 6 in total)
This did not help.

I think it's on a bit more higher level where it goes wrong.

I leave it all rather default, so I replace the standard MS Explorer by Dopus, and the last Listener will
not close Dopus completely when closing it. This seems to avoid the problem, so far.

Still think it's problem connected with Dopus and True Launch Bar, though I will not exclude the latest MS Windows update on
Win 7 X64 that my play a role.