DOpus freezes win 10 Surface Pro 5 tablet

Surface pro doesn't come with very much physical memory and when a couple of fairly intensive programmes (usually Thunderbird & Chrome) are open DOpus changes to a white screen, sometimes with the top left corner portion showing. I close down other programmes but DOpus remains stuck and needs closing from task manager. I'm running 12.24 stable version - would any of the beta versions help with this? Anyone know of any settings in DOpus (or Thunderbird for that matter) that I can disable to help avoid it?

Could you make some process snapshots while the freeze is happening and send them to us?

Here's how: Manually generating process snapshots

If there's any pattern as to when it happens, that could also help narrow things down. (e.g. Just after changing folders, or when right-clicking files; only certain types of files or folders containing certain types; cloud storage, etc.)