Dopus hanging system on non-existent drive in lister

Windows 10 x64 Dell Alienware laptop, 64GB ram, I used to have an F drive but no longer do. When I use dopus now, it seems to hang for awfully long periods of time. I think I may have narrowed it down to the now non-existent F drive within the lister and indeed when I went to delete the icon in the lister, it hung once again. I'm trying to remove that icon from the lister, but every time I try to open dopus after rebooting, it hangs once again. I'm now trying to find where this state info is maintained, checking in "\Appdata\local\gpsoftware\directory opus" for any file that contains an F: in it and if it is a text file, I'll delete the line. Does this sound like the right steps to take?


Where in the lister does it appear?

Are we talking about something in a folder? In the folder tree? On a toolbar?

As one of the folders in the list of folders at the bottom of a lister.

Could you post a screenshot of the window so we can see exactly what youre seeing?

You can upload jpg and png screenshots by dragging them to the post editor.