DOpus hangs on virtual machine


I am using DOpus 11.5.3 x64 on a Windows 7 virtual machine (same problem with 11.5).

When I navigate through folders, sometimes DOpus hangs for seconds :frowning:
When I try to delete files, sometimes DOPus hangs for seconds :frowning:

This does not happen in Windows Explorer.
This does not happen with v 11.4 on a XP virtual machine.

Any ideas what can cause this issues?

Thanks in advance

Try 11.5.3 on the XP virtual machine and if it doesn't have the same problem you'll know it's something to do with the Windows 7 VM rather than the specific version of Opus.

Everything works fine on XP with 11.5.3 :frowning:

Any ideas for the virtual machine? :cry:

What other software do you have installed on it?

Ok, it's McAfee... It seems to work different on Win7 then on XP...
Thanks otherwise.