DOpus is too much for me :(

I tried your software and I must say it is a great piece of software but to be honest $62 is too much for me and too much for a single license and even tooooooooo much for personal use!!!

I know you have the right to sell it for what price you see fair but please keep in mind that average pc users can not afford it. I want to support you and I do not want to get a crack for it which is a shame... please give a reasonable price for people like me $62 is over 360 L.E. here which is a fortune for me :frowning:

I'd quite like a ferrari, but when I told them I couldn't afford one they didn't offer me a discount :frowning:

IMO, $62 is a very reasonable price for this product. I have purchased the dual license for my personal use and think that it was absolutlely worth the price.

Not only is the product great, but the support is also great.

Also included in the price (last I checked) are free upgrades for the major version purchased (8.x), regardless of timeframe from purchase. If I'm wrong on that, someone please correct me, I'd hate to mislead someone.

Remember, you get what you pay for.

Price is a pretty subjective thing and depends on how often you use Opus and how much of it you take advantage of, as well as exchange rate and disposable income.

That said, in my completely biased (as an Opus fanboy) opinion, Opus is well worth it. There are tools which do just single features that are within Opus and cost $20-40 each (although IMO many of them are a rip-off so they don't justify the cost of Opus on their own). But look at other software, from games (new PC games cost about $40, Xbox 360 games are $60 now, but rarely give you more than 10 hours of play) to Anti-Virus (about $30-40 a year?) to MS Office and Adobe Photoshop ($$$). Assuming you're like me and use Opus every day to significantly improve the way you use your computer and do your essential tasks, $60 is an easy spend! Of course, like I said at the start, not everyone will get as much from Opus as everyone else.

(I mention Photoshop as an expensive program, costing several hundred dollars but it's still one that I've bought and paid to upgrade twice. (I skipped Photoshop CS.) It's easily the best tool in its class that I've tried and, while there are cheaper options they're all awful once you've used Photoshop.)

So, yeah, I'm not saying that Opus is worth $60 to you and you're wrong if you think otherwise -- and I have no idea of how many copies GPSoft sell at the current price, nor how many more they'd sell if they dropped the price, or made a cheaper version with less "premium features" (which is hard to do in Opus since it's very much the sum of hundreds of small parts) -- but keep in mind the relative cost of software and the amount you can get out of Opus. Of course, there are free file managers but none of the ones I've seen come close to Opus. There are also cheaper file managers but I'd still personally pay for Opus since it's so powerful and configurable. If you don't need that, can't afford that, or don't value that enough to justify the purchace then that's fair enough.

Thanks for the replies.

Well, I think I will end up buying it in the near future...keep up the great work guys.

What monetary unit is L.E. ??

Your English is quite good.
What nation are you from ?

I don't mean to be insensitive.
Hardship, from whatever Nation , could be a valid basis for a DOpus user fund.
Most of us, and some of the most talented of this forum ( I'm not one of the most talented ), are flat on our backs just breaking even.
Flor instance, I'm only now emerging to zero debt.
A new computer soon I hope !!

I'd be very happy to contribute a modest amount to a hardship fund if hardship can be proven.

What ! A Ferrari ?!!?
Not a good Sailboat ?

:opusicon: Porcupine