DOpus keeps using old username

Last time I reinstalled Windows XP, I changed my login / username. I then installed DOpus 8 and reloaded the settings file I had backuped.

Since then, I've discovered that in the "C:\Document & settings" folder, I still have a folder labelled with my previous username, containing only DOpus files. Thumbnails, to be precise : "C:\Documents & settings\OldUsername\Local Settings\Application Data\GPSoftware\Directory Opus\Thumbnails cache".

If I delete the OldUsername folder, it keeps coming back. I guess that there is something in my DOpus settings (in the registry, maybe ?) that is set to this folder for saving thumbnails cache and didn't get updated when reinstalled DOpus.

How do I get rid of this (i.e. change the old folder path to the new one) ?

Hey dude, yeah I had this annoying me for awhile too :slight_smile:.

Go to the Thumbnails tab in Settings->Preferences->Listers and click on the Settings... button shown on the bottom right next to Thumbnail caching:. In there you can change the Thumbnail cache folder location:.

Thanks a lot.

In fact, it seems that although I changed the path for the thumbnails cache in the preferences, DOpus keeps recreating the "OldUsername/Appliaction Data..." subdirectory, except that the "Thumbnail cache" folder is now empty.

Is there another setting to change ?

Hmmm.... strange. I'm now wondering if there was something else I did when I ran into this, but I don't think so.

Try exporting your settings, rename the .dps to zip, extract the contents to a folder, and then search the resulting files for the user string that keeps coming back. Once we know 'where' in the settings this is, we should be able to find the option to disable/change.

I don't really know when exactly the folder is recreated : I deleted it a few days ago and saw only today that it were back.
I've deleted it again and tried to do a few things (e.g. going in a folder that has picture thumbnails), but it didn't come back again yet. There must be something that triggers its recreation.

Looking in the exported settings, I can find the old username ("abelthorne") in the prefs.dpf file, at line 1021, where I have :

"C:\Documents and Settings\abelthorne\Local Settings\Temporary Internet Files"=hex:04,\

Then, a few lines of hex codes are displayed, until I come to the next path entry for a drive label.
It's in the "[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\GPSoftware\Directory Opus\Paths\Formats\System]" part.

Why does DOpus keep the (obsolete, in my kind of case) path to the internet temp files ? And what are the hex codes (values for pixels defining an icon or such ?) ?

Hmmm... I don't know why you have that path reflected in your settings. I don't have a similar 'temp internet files' path anywhere in 'my' prefs.dpf. But that's sensible as only certain settings entries sometimes show up depending on what sort of features/functionality you're using in Dopus... though I don't what actions you took in Opus to introduce that setting.

I would say you could probably backup the reg key it's in and then WHACK it outta there manually :slight_smile:. You may also want to search the HKCU reg hive for 'abelthorne' to see if you get any hits there as well and if so - nuke em.