Dopus Lister Window Title Bar Color

Can someone pls tell me how to change, I'm unable to find...


Do you mean the very top of the window, where the close button is?

If so, it's the same as most desktop applications: Windows draws the titlebar and the color comes from your Windows settings. Windows 10 doesn't currently let you change the color, but a coming update to the OS will restore the ability to do so. (You can get it already by opting into Microsoft's "insider" builds, I think.)

On the other hand, if you mean the file display border:

You can change that under Preferences / Display / Colors and Fonts.

I'm talking of the very top. I changed MSOffice to dark grey theme which is nice in my eyes. Firefox also allows me to change the color.
Now I know why I did not find a way to do so...


That makes sense. Office and Firefox both have non-standard, custom-drawn window frames.

The next build in windows 10 does allow changing of the colours and makes it look look a lot better.

I used these instructions to make it dark: How to get dark theme title bars in Windows 10, without changing your accent colour -

Alternatively, you can also use this tool: Releases · Superfly-Inc/SMACC · GitHub

You can simply use Mica For Everyone to apply dark title bars. Please check requirements first before complaining that it doesn't start.